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Quick and convenient way of testing the costs of your translation.
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If you need a translation you have 3 options today, but with each of them there is a problem:

  • 1) Software translations = The BIG Problem with software translations, it has always bad quality (many grammer, style faults, etc). Because of the many errors in the translation, clients is potential clients will not trust it, nor will they buy anything from you!
  • 2) Translation Agency = Too Expensive , slow delivery, a quotation take 1 or 2 days, than waste time again on negotiations, and than wait again before they finally can start.
  • This time consuming process will be over and over again, because most translation agenies supply only a few languages pairs. But we can do 1200! (that is 100x more than the best competior outthere!)
  • 3) Freelance Translators = The prices are cheaper than by translation agencies (about same low price as by us; ‘TranslationTrudy’). But it is a big risk by using freelancer translators.
  • Because what will happen if your hired translator not show up, get sick, got an accident? You will miss your deadline for sure! By us (TranslationTrudy) if translator get e.g. sick another will take it over directly, we have 5,000 translators available!
  • Also: it cost days to find a good freelance translator (by us only 1 minute!), and when you finally find one, you have to wait days on a quotation, than waste time again on negotiations and than wait again before he/she can finally start.
  • This time consuming process will be over and over again, because a freelancer can supply only a 1 languages pair. So if you want to translate e.g. a Manual in 10 languages it means you have 10x this frustrating process, while by us you can order it all in a few minutes and also at very low prices!

TranslationTrudy.com solved all problems, we are:

  • *50% cheaper,
  • *50% faster,
  • *quotation in 5 seconds, (not days as by competitors)
  • *never waste days for finding right translator,
  • *never waste time again on negotations after you finally find the right translator
  • *never wait again before a translator get free and finally start,
  • *and if a translator is sick, not show up another takes it over directly.