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Quick and convenient way of testing the costs of your translation.
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Prices are 50% lower + Good quality is Guaranteed!

  • Example: You have a text of 5,000 words to translate
  • Price by competitors = 5,000 x $0.12 per word = $600
  • TranslationTrudy Price = 5,000 x $0.06 per word = $300
  • TranslationTrudy Price = 5,000 x $0.06 per word = $300

  • YOU WILL SAVE already $300 on a small job!
    (So imagine if you have larger jobs
    or weekly similar translations like this, than you save 52 x $300= $15,600 a year)

    Guaranteed: Quality Translations:

    • 1)Translation will be done always by Human (NEVER machine translation even not for high volumes)
    • 2)Also that human will be a native or excellent speaker in that language.
    • 3) If you placed an order and made the payment, we keep that on ‘hold’ (sort escrow).
    • 4)When project is placed our team will search + place the right translator on your project.
    • 5)When the translator is finished, you can check it. In case changes are needed, just tell us and we do it. In case you still not happy, we have an option to recheck all by our team.

    So you will be sure you receive quality translations at lowest prices!