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img How to Translate a Quote in MLA Research Paper

MLA is an acronym for Modern Language Association. It is a style used in writing academic research papers by most academicians in the world. To translate a quote in an MLA research paper, the following are guidelines that you would use when you are writing a paper that needs to translate a quote. This format was developed to have a uniform composition in writing of research papers (or if you have bought it on wowgrade.com/buy-research-papers).

Use Short Quotations

In as much as it is a translation from one language to the other. It should be as crisp as possible. That means that the quotation should encompass the meaning not the translation word for word. The translated quote, therefore, will make more sense if it is short and to the point.

Add or Omit Words in Quotations

When you are translating a quote, you can either add or exclude that which is not essential. In case you add something that was not part of the quote when translating, then using the MLA format you have to put it in brackets to show that it is not part of the original quote.

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  • For Long Translated Quotations;

    The MLA format does not require quotation marks when you are quoting a long translated quote. You only have to write the quote in a new line, a little bit indented and in block form. That will show the contrast rather than having it in quotes.

    A translated quote as we have pointed out is not so different from that which is done in the same language only that we have to change the language. But, we still have the same format as required in MLA style. You have to keep in mind that the format remains the same regardless of the language that you are translating from. Academic researchers should, therefore, take note of the style and the rules when writing using the MLA format.

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