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General Questions
Customer questions
How does TranslationTrudy work?
TranslationTrudy is a 24/7 online translation agency. Our innovative system enables us to provide both customers and translators with a more transparent and flexible service. We emphasize three main criteria: quality, speed and cost efficiency.

The translation process begins as soon as the customer places his/her order. As soon as the order is activated, a suitably qualified, available translator accepts the assignment and proceeds to translate it using our online translation software. Our online software means that the customer can track the progress of the translation.

After translation, if the customer opts to have the text proofread, it is passed onto a senior translator who checks the text for errors and makes any necessary corrections. After the proofreading phase, the document is passed onto quality control where the final checks are carried out. If we are satisfied that the translation meets our quality standards, it is delivered to the customer.
How can I contact TranslationTrudy?
The most common questions about TranslationTrudy accounts or the translator network have already been answered here. Should your question remain unanswered, please contact us using our contact form.

We are always grateful for feedback and suggestions from both our customers and translators. If you would like to share your comments with TranslationTrudy, please contact us using our contact form. Press information can be found on our press page.
How can I register an account?
If you would like to register a customer account, please follow this link: register customer.

If you would like to apply to work as a translator please use our translator applications page.
Do I have to pay for the registration
No, registration at our online translation platform is free for translators and customers alike.
What happens to my personal data?
TranslationTrudy requires your personal information to process your order. Your security is of utmost importance to us, and we treat your data with the highest confidentiality. You can access and edit/delete your personal details at any time. Please see our terms and conditions for more detailed information.
What do I do if I forget my login details?
If you forget your password, you can request a new one. Simply click on the forgotten password link, follow the instructions and we will send you a new password by e-mail.
How can I delete my TranslationTrudy account?
Your TranslationTrudy account can be quickly and easily deleted at any time. If you are a translator, your earnings will be transferred on the 15th of the next month. If you want to delete your account please inform us using our contact form.
What happens if the customer complains about my work?
Admin team will ask an independent senior translator/proofreader to examine the cause of complaint and to evaluate your work. Depending on the outcome, we will decide on the best course of action.
Why choose TranslationTrudy translations?
TranslationTrudy provides online translation services in a wide range of languages and specialist categories. As a customer, we offer you an easy and cost efficient solution to all your translation requirements. Thanks to our large online network of certified translators, we can immediately find a suitable translator for your order at any time day or night. We will treat your document and personal data with the utmost confidentiality.
How much does it cost?
The price for your order will be calculated according to the word count, the language combination and the category of the text. We also take into account whether you require your text to be proofread by a senior translator.

To request an immediate, free and non-binding quote for your order simply enter or upload your text into our cost calculator on our home page.
How long will I have to wait?
The processing time for your order is dependent on two factors:
  • length of the text
  • category of the text
As a rule, an experienced translator can translate around 2,000 words a day. TranslationTrudy will send your order to a translator as soon as your payment is processed.
How can I pay?
In most cases we employ a strict payment in advance policy. However, for regular and company customers, it is possible to arrange to pay on account.
What languages are available?
Thanks to our worldwide network of certified translators, we are able to offer a broad range of target languages. We are constantly widening our selection, but you will find our currently available language combinations in the cost calculator on our home page. If you require a language combination that is not listed in our cost calculator, please contact us using our contact form.
How long does a translation take?
When you enter your text into the cost calculator you will also recieve an estimation of how long it will take to translate your order. The estimated processing time depends on the word count, the category of the text, the language combination and whether or not you request proofreading. toilngo always endeavours to complete your translation as quickly as possible.
What types of file can TranslationTrudy translate?
You can either enter your text freely into the text box of the cost calculator or you can upload the file that you wish to have translated. We are currently able to translate DOC, RTF, TXT and PDF files.

In the near future we will provide additional functions and services to allow us to incorporate pictures and formatting into your translated text.
How can I collect my translation?
You will receive an e-mail from TranslationTrudy to tell you when your text is ready for collection.

As a customer you can change your settings in your user account to choose if you would like us to send the text to you as an e-mail, or if you would prefer to download the document from your TranslationTrudy user account.
Can TranslationTrudy translate texts from specialist categories?
TranslationTrudy also translates text that belong to specialist categories such as Law or Marketing. These translations are carried out by qualified translators who are experienced in the relevant field.
What do you do with pictures and formatting within the original text?
Unfortunately it is currently impossible for us to incorporate pictures and formating into your completed translation. Your finished order will consist purely of text. Please be aware of this when you place your order!

We will soon make additional services available to allow us to incorporate pictures and formating into your finished document. We will inform you as soon as this facility is up and running, and we thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime.
Is it possible for me to make particular requests about my translation?
Yes, when you place your order at TranslationTrudy, you are given the opportunity to fully brief your translator on the text. We always appreciate as much information as possible, to ensure an accurate translation.

If your translator has questions about the text, he or she can contact you via our internal messaging system. In this case TranslationTrudy will inform you by email.
Who will be able to read my text, and will it be secure?
We will treat your text with the utmost care and responsibility. The entire translation process takes place exclusively on our internet platform meaning that your document can not be downloaded by your translator or third parties. Additionally, all translators have to accept a confidentiality agreement in order to register and work for TranslationTrudy.
What quality controls are carried out on the translation?

TranslationTrudy only works with qualified and experienced translators. To translate specialist category texts, the translator must have proven knowledge of the relevant field. Furthermore we insist on regularly checking the standard of every translator's work. For extra peace of mind, you can opt to have your text proofread by a senior translator.

When you collect your completed translation, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your level of satisfaction with the translation process at TranslationTrudy. We are grateful for all customer feedback, because this helps us to improve and expand our service for the benefit of our customers.

What do I do if I have a complaint?
We take all customer complaints very seriously. If you are unhappy with the quality of our service, we will do our best to understand the cause of your dissatisfaction and to find a solution. If there are indeed mistakes in the translation we will initially send the text to a second translator/proofreader. If we are unable to resolve the problem, we reserve the right to reimburse the customer and to reclaim part/all of the costs from the translator.
I forgot to add some text. Can I add them in the comments section?

You may not ask a translator to translate new text in the comments section. Please only use comments to answer any questions a translator may have or provide references that will be useful during the translation process. If you need to add new text before a translator starts the job, please cancel and re-order.

Why was my job flagged?

If a translator finds a problem with the job (such as the word count being off, the wrong language pair having been ordered, or the content of the job being unsuitable according to our Quality Policy), they will flag the job. The translator's comments will be added to job, and an email notification will also be sent to you. Please take the appropriate action to address the issue, and click the "This issue has been resolved. Remove this flag" button once it's been resolved.

What are Preferred Translators?

Our system will not allow you to choose a specific translator, but you can have one of your "preferred translators" do your translation job. These are a list of translators you have selected on the feedback form as translators you would like do one of your translations in the future. If you're placing your first order, you will not see this option as you will not have any "preferred" translators yet.

If you would like one of your preferred translators to do your translation, click on the "Advanced options" button on the order form and select "use only my preferred translators." Please note that you must have at least 2 preferred translators before you can make the request, and based on availability, it may increase the time required to complete your job.