Confidentiality Agreement
Service Provider Non-Disclosure Agreement
  1. You agree to keep all information - including but not limited to customer data, source text, content, source files, prices, agreed terms and the translation itself - secret both during the translation project duration and following its termination. This applies also to the existence and contents of this Agreement.
  2. How you obtain the information is of no consequence. The obligation to observe secrecy applies to all information acquired in the course of the translation project duration, by happenstance, or in the course of some other activity within the scope of the working relationship.
  3. Care shall be taken in particular to ensure that the aforementioned data and information are not seen or disclosed by employees, freelancers, other third parties, or family members. You are liable for all damages arising from breach of the obligation to observe secrecy, as well as for his/her own negligence.
  4. If it is necessary that you enter into direct contact with a customer of TranslationTrudy, you agree to keep confidential all such terms and other internal business information as exist between TranslationTrudy and you. You shall act in behalf of TranslationTrudy whenever he/she is in contact with a customer of TranslationTrudy .
  5. This obligation applies in particular to "translation memories" ("TMs") and glossaries provided by TranslationTrudy or the customer of TranslationTrudy. TranslationTrudy provides TMs and glossaries for use exclusively by you. The TMs and glossaries may be used only for orders placed by TranslationTrudy or its customer. The TMs and glossaries shall not be disclosed in full or in part to third parties in any way, irrespective of whether the TM or glossary is provided free of charge or for a fee. Third parties shall not be provided with or granted knowledge of any or all of the contents or structure of the TMs and glossaries. TMs and glossaries supplied by TranslationTrudy or its customer shall be deleted following termination of the relationship with TranslationTrudy (or with the end customer). Any changes shall be reconciled with TranslationTrudy and shall be added to the TM or glossary only with the consent of TranslationTrudy.
  6. Should there be any doubt as to the confidentiality of information, you agree to consult TranslationTrudy for clarification. If clarification cannot be obtained, it shall always be assumed that data or information are confidential.
  7. This Agreement does not apply to information that is already known, that is public, or that has been disclosed by third parties without a breach of confidentiality. It also does not apply to information that must be disclosed owing to legal provisions, final court decisions, or official directives. Insofar as legally permitted, however, you, if required to make disclosure, shall inform TranslationTrudy of the disclosure in advance or without undue delay, and shall make every effort to prevent the information from becoming generally known and to enter into an appropriate confidentiality agreement.
  8. You confirm that he/she has a professional liability for any financial losses arising from errors or omissions in translations, interpreting services, editing or proofreading work done in TranslationTrudy.
  9. All confidential information and its embodiments remain the property of TranslationTrudy and shall be returned, whether requested or not, at the end of the translation project duration or if preliminary business discussions with a customer do not result in an order. At the same time, retention, copying, and all forms of duplication of documents, data media, or other copies are forbidden.